2017 Highlights

30th April 2017

A casual evening of sun-soaked tunes with UK's pop-funk soul group PREP, in the heart of Johor Bahru.

16th June 2017


The Johor Bahru Piano Festival is a joint collaboration between Euroasia Association of Performing Arts and JSPA, bringing young aspiring pianists together for a friendly competition- providing a platform for kids to experience and explore the full awesomeness of music by connecting with one another, and learning together.

In music, everybody wins.

The JB Classical Music ­­Festival 2017 explores how music from hundreds of years ago can remain relevant today, and celebrates its unique ability in inspiring people from all walks of life to play, to listen, and to imagine.

16th June 2017

The Johor Bahru Writers + Film Festival 2017 curates a collective of stories from print to screen, which depict the silly and magnificent things we do – in the name of love. What's your story?

3 - 18 November 2017

Just as Sungai Segget flows in constant motion through the historic heart of the city, the 14th JB Arts Festival seeks to connect the people of Johor Bahru with the city’s rich cultural heritage through streams of creative possibilities

11 November 2017

When creative forces come together, all we need is a little change of perspective to see how two cultures – fashion and art – can fit together so seamlessly.

JSPA works closely with embassies, consulates, and cultural institutes to access up-and-coming talents from across the world. Sometimes these talents choose to come off-festival season - but not to fear, the show must go on!