"I started out as a blogger, so social media was crucial in helping to grow my platform, it's true that social media has helped us gain fame and fortune, but a lot of work is put into our "work in social media" as well. I have to plan campaigns, edit photos, arrange photoshoots and write content. So like every other job, fame and fortune comes with a lot of work, so don't just look at the glamorous side of social media."

-Brian See @mrbriansee

"I think gaining fame through social media helped me greatly because I'm a designer and I get to showcase my designs from my Instagram and Facebook. Like what Brian mentioned, there is really a lot of work put into it, more so for me cause I have to work on my designs and at the same time manage my personal page but I'm not complaining because my brand has gotten a lot of recognition ever since."

-Kittie Yiyi @kittieyiyi

"Modelling is at its toughest now because of the rise of social media, back then modelling was only on magazine, papers, TVC or the runway. Now with Instagram, everyone can be a model and that actually makes the industry more competitive. But the positive side is, at the same time, I have to continuosly work harder just to stay competitive."


-Rubini Sambanthan



Fashion in recent years has blurred the line between street style fashion and luxury fashion. The irony is that high fashion has always took street style fashion as the source of inspiration for their collection. Look at all the H&M collab, LV X Supreme and those nike’s collabs are all sign that luxury labels have to come down to street to play skate boards with the people. And street snaps during fashion weeks are also a source of inspiration for many labels, media, stylists, fashionistas and the influencers. Street style is no longer just for the street, in fact it is a wearable fashion for all fashion people, that is why avant garde, couture is dead. But somehow, street style has also lost its originality because it has lost its roots and culture. Today, street fashion is just fashion statement without the culture/roots behind.


-Ethan Chu @ethanchuchu

"Personally, I don't think JB is a cultural desert, but because there are a lot of creative and artistic people, we just haven't cultivated it. And because Johor is rapidly changing, everyday it's changing. The progress is there, and there are going to be major platforms for designers everywhere."


-Deena Alkaff @deenaalkaff

"I think it's a very good thing especially in the fashion and entertainment industry, where there are actually equal if not more female than male, and the fact that feminism is rising, empowers us young women to want to learn and achieve as much as possible. We, ladies, should not feel any kind of inferiority to men, because we are capable of so much more. And our country should motivate and encourage women, giving them more platform to shine."


-Naddy Rahman @naddy_rahman