20-21 Oct, 12.00pm-7.00pm
Roost Repurposed & Recycled
Free Admission 

“The house of fiction has . . . not one window, but a million.” - Henry James, novelist 

Stories are like a time-capsule; a magic wardrobe; a window. A window that isn't just a portal into a new world beyond our imagination, but also one that is reflective towards our inner thoughts.

Jendela Fiksyen is a 2-day book and zine market, bringing together lit-lovers and word-meisters for a peek into the local indie literature scene.    

Catch the latest collection of local literature, zines, novels and essays by featured publishers like Republik Buku, DePress Art, Penerbitan Langit, ProjekBuku, IndieGo Press, Comicore Club, Legasi Oakheart and Negara Buku, all whilst immersing yourself in some spoken word by local poets Rahmat Haron, Benz, Teasipee, Haru, Lazuli, Farahanem, Syed Ahmad, Fath Fatish, Wak Kang, and Samad Zyn at 8pm on the 21st.


18-28 Oct,
Big Bites Cafe, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee
Free Admission 

KATA-KATA 2100 is an art and design project focusing on re-discovering Malaysia’s linguistic roots and the international influences it has absorbed throughout centuries of historical and cultural experiences. With this project, designers Sarah Ahmad and Gianluca Menini hope to discover, appreciate and exhibit an evolution of what the Malaysian language is and could mature into in the next years to come.

The goal is to create a meaningful journey into local cultural identity and diversity by pushing people to explore different notions of what a language is and could be. Since language has been one of the key achievements of the human intellect, they hope to create a moment where people can investigate how languages represent a huge insights on the evolution of human communications, interactions, habits, and behaviours; people can show us how these are constantly changing, and they can offer hints on how they might evolve in the future.

What do you think language will sound and look like in the year 2100?