Our events not only enhance the cultural profile of the city, but are also ready to help build the business profiles of its partners by supporting a diverse range of business objectives. JB:IFC offers a range of partnership opportunities to promote your business whilst engaging with new and existing audiences. 


Corporate Social Responsibility

We connect Johor Bahru with artists and art programs from around the globe through our strong connections with various organisations, embassies, and cultural institutions. In addition, we reach out to marginalised societies through the arts and shed light on their rich traditions and culture.

Positive Brand Alignment and Exposure

Our events receive extensive publicity both locally and internationally. By connecting Johor Bahru with world-class artists and international events, unleash your ability to connect your brand to the rest of the world to be seen as a champion of the arts, and a champion of the city with us.

Bespoke Corporate Hospitality Experiences

Partner with us to gain exclusive access to high-demand shows and leverage on valuable opportunities to engage with clients, customers, stakeholders and artists. 


  • Access to high-demand performances

  • Exclusive meet-and-greet with world-class artists and ensembles

  • Invitations to red carpet receptions and special networking events

  • Hospitality in some of our Festival’s most unique venues

My, oh my, do we have more partnership tiers for you than your wedding cake does!

Programme Presenting Opportunities

Sponsor up to three programmes within festivals with your in-kind and monetary contributions and benefit greatly from running branded content on our many channels. Depending on the nature of the sponsorship, we are able to co-create tailored-made events, workshops, performances and programmes and thus, keep the brand interest constantly alive.

Big or Small, Cookies are Still Great

Imagine 5-year-old you receiving a cookie from mum, no matter how big or small, you are most grateful for that 5-seconds of satisfaction. 


Each and every donation, no matter how large or small, this puts Johor Bahru a step forward in becoming a healthy and thriving arts ecosystem. 

How Your Donations Will Be Used

Your donations will be integral to making sure the success of the festivals we run, which will elevate Johor Bahru as a true-blue international festival city. Your gracious donations will be channeled into:


  • Core programming costs

  • Enabling us to present international acts

  • Advertising and promotion of the festivals

  • Curating a cohesive festival programme

We are simple people; we accept cash, in-kind donations or your mother's freshly-baked brownies.

Make Karma Work For You

For every donation, you get a FREE pass to any one of our festival programmes and a lovely handwritten thank you note from the team, here at JB:IFC.   



Let's Be Friends

You are the Rachel to our Ross. Every year, we work with homegrown arts practitioners (musicians, artists, dancers,comedians, designers, filmmakers and the whole loot) by providing a local platform for showcase and engagement. Jom collab? 

Wanna Be Part Of A Festival?

It's as simple as filling up a proposal submission form here OR send us your proposal to hello@jbifc.co and we will get back to you at the quickest rate possible! 

We believe you have talent and everyone should see it. Make the first step and leave the rest to us!