23 October 2017 – Citarasa
24 October 2017 –Hadam

25 October 2017 – Nikmat


8.30 PM – 9.30 PM
Big Bites Café, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee


The sixteen short films selected for programming will appeal to both veteran and novice audience members interested in venturing off the beaten path into a world of abstract, artistic and often challenging films. The programmes, like a three course meal, are named Citarasa, Hadam and Nikmat.


Citarasa introduces a tantalizing taste of this cinematic affair. Experience documentary delights that explore a range of topics from the local stigma of tattoos to a rare glimpse into the rescue operation of the recent earthquake in Sabah.


The second course, Hadam, features nine essay films made by student from the Faculty of Cinematic Arts - Johor Bahru. Enjoy a thought provoking session as subjects far and wide are contemplated and visually digested.


Nikmat concludes the journey with three local narrative films, two of which were semifinalists of the world renown Los Angeles Cine Fest. A truly tasteful way to satisfy your cinematic palate.


Bon Appétit!



Tattoos or Taboos (Dir. Lee, 2016) RT – 6:00
Final Stop (Dir. Yu & Khoo, 2016) 5-7:00
Fashion Syndrome (Dir. Wara, 2016) RT – 20:00
Point to Point – Sabah Earthquake (Dir. Meissner, 2016) RT – 27:00




Can A-Capella Version Movie Soundtracks Give an Equal output as the original movies sountracks? (Dir. Yip 2017) RT - 8:30
Alfonso’s Juxtaposition (Dir. Hisham 2017) RT - 9:21
Inward Space (Dir. Ong 2017) RT - 4:13
Rajnikanth’s Mannerism (Dir. Cegeram 2017) RT - 2:12
Solving The Problem of Cringeworthy Dialogue in Malaysian Cinema: Why You Talk Like That One? (Dir. Choo 2017) RT - 10:04
The Sorrow Eyes of God – A Mysskn Tribute (Dir. Vigneswaran 2017) RT - 3:14
Selvaraghavan: Femme Fatale (Dir. Elan 2017) RT - 9:50
La La Land: An Escapism of Reality? (Dir. Liew 2017) RT - 8:30

Manzil (Dir. Mohamed 2017) RT – 5:00



RM10 (Dir. Emir, 2016) – RT 12:00
A Tale of an Old Town (Dir.Qiao, 2016)  RT – 39:00
Limbo (Dir. Govindan, 2017) – 16:50