Catch Oscar-winning Short Film, "Sing" at the Short Shorts Film Festival in JB this Friday!

February 28, 2017

No, we are not talking about the short hot pants we all love to wear on a hot sunny day. We're talking about the Short Shorts Film Festival (SSFF) which will be happening at the Faculty of Cinematic Arts, Multimedia University Nusajaya Campus this Friday evening (3rd March). There will be 6 short film screenings with a bonus Abridged Visual Storytelling Workshop with screening of "My Ba's Radio", and the great news is that it's totally FREE! 


 If you're not familiar with SSFF2017, it's one of the largest film festivals in Asia, showcasing and introducing audiences to short films. Little does everybody know, this film festival was accredited as a qualifying festival for the annual Academy Awards®. And fun fact! The winner for last year's SSFF Grand Prix, titled "Sing" by Kristof Deak just took home the Oscar two days ago!


Here's a little introduction to the line-up this Friday:


1. Sing by Kristof Deak (Hungary)


Quiet 10-year-old Zsofi has just changed schools. Feeling out of place at first, she is quickly admitted to the school’s famous choir and befriends her popular classmate Liza. Soon, they have to stand up united against their choir master, who isn’t quite the friendly and inspirational teacher they first thought she was.


2. Seide by Elnura Osmonalieva (Krygystan)


Seide lives a free, adventurous life, until one day she faced with an arranged marriage. Her well-wishing family, unable to offer her education, decides she is better off married. Seide soon learns that her freedom is not the only thing she is about to lose.


3. Curve by Tim Egan (Australia)


 A girl wakes up and finds herself resting atop the apex of a curved surface, high above a pitch-black abyss. With no toe-hold or crevice, she must rely on the friction of her palms and endure the climb back to safety, but strange sounds emanate from the darkness beneath her. 


4. Love is a Sting by Vincent Gallagher (Ireland)


A children's book writer is visited by an unexpected house guest - a hyper-intelligent mosquito names Anabel. Anabel has literally been the fly on the wall throughout history, but has never managed to communicate with a human being. She will attempt to do so now, even if it kills her. 


5. The Hug by Inaki Sanchez Arrieta (Spain)


What seems like just another evening takes a sharp turn when Raul, who is trying to resolve a feud between his brothers over the phone while shopping at the neighbourhood market, find himself being watched. 


6. Millions of Tears by Natalie Beder (France)


A man in his sixties waits in an empty roadside restaurant. A young woman enters. She seems tired, weighed down with her backpack, her whole life inside it. He offers to take her a part of the way. She accepts. 


See you there!

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