5 Fabulous Reasons to Support the Arts in Johor Bahru

April 10, 2017

We’re sure you’ve heard it all before: Donate your spare change to supporting the arts, and thus contribute positively to the social welfare of the local community. Which is all well and good, but let’s be honest - potential funders certainly have more questions they’d like to ask before splashing the cash, such as: Why? How will funding the arts align with my brand’s mission? How would it help progress what my brand itself is trying to achieve?


Here at Johor Bahru: International Festival City (JB:IFC), we completely understand your concerns. So, we’ve put together a fabulous list of 5 reasons why partnering with JB:IFC to support the arts in Johor Bahru can only mean great news for your business!


1. Extend your brand’s reach to one of the fastest-growing cities in Southeast Asia.


Johor Bahru and Iskandar Malaysia are growing - and fast! This has resulted in a recent surge of corporations extending awareness of their brand amongst the region’s increasingly affluent and influential residents. This audience consists primarily of domestic and regional residents, as well as the growing expatriate communities in Johor Bahru and Singapore.


Partnering with JB:IFC for one or more of our festivals is a fantastic opportunity to reach this market, and a sure-fire way to get your brand noticed - perhaps more so than in the already heavily-saturated sponsorship world of Kuala Lumpur. So, don’t miss the boat!



2. Enhance your brand's image by becoming a champion of the arts.


There’s something to be said about the emotions that run when you experience a beautiful classical music performance, or when you watch a film that truly changes your perspective on things. The arts have a much more significant impact on our lives than we think - yet, the arts industry is also one of the most poorly-funded industries worldwide.


As the arts are an often-overlooked sector for funding, supporting one or more arts festivals will ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. Positively positioning your company as a champion of the arts will establish you as a supporter of a respected industry - one that plays a key role in social progress.



3. Be a pioneer in bringing together the local community.


There’s no doubt that the arts bring people together, regardless of race, age, creed, or socioeconomic background. In order to build a vibrant, close-knit community, you need exciting experiences for the community to share, and what better way than through arts festivals! 


Investing in the Johor Bahru arts scene means you will be amongst a select group of pioneers creating this community, vastly improving the quality of life for both current and future residents. Having a prosperous, happy community will also be instrumental in attracting foreign investment and talent to Johor Bahru. After all, what’s a city without its people?



4. Reach your target audience - no matter who it is!


The audiences at JB:IFC festivals encompass a wide range of demographics - the millennials and the forever young, the male and the female, as well as the locals and the expatriates. You can be almost certain that no matter what your target market, you’ll find it nestled within JB:IFC’s large and loyal audience. So, whether it’s property, gym membership, or candles you sell, partnering with JB:IFC is sure to help you reach your crowd - and who knows, perhaps other crowds too!



5. Develop and have access to a talented local workforce. 


Partnering with JB:IFC will not only grant you access to potential customers, but also to a potential workforce, whose skills you can contribute to developing. Exposure to, and involvement with, the arts is fundamental in the development of transferable skills, including critical thinking, problem solving, and visual literacy. Working together with JB:IFC to bring arts workshops and events to the city will help young Johoreans to harness these skills and, in turn, create a pool of talented potential employees you could reach out to.




Here at Johor Bahru: International Festival City, we strive to do our very best to bring world-class performances to the deserving Johor Bahru community. As you can see, the arts truly play a key role in many aspects of our society.


In order to keep the JB arts scene running, we require the support of corporations that are committed to ensuring the show goes on, for artists and organisers alike. So, if you’d like to become a champion of the arts scene in Johor Bahru, please do get in touch! We would truly appreciate every little bit of help we can get in achieving our dream. Johor Bahru is growing - let’s make sure the community grows with it.


To learn more about our partnership programmes, simply drop us a line via email: hello@jbifc.co or telephone: +60 19 7166 397. We’d be more than happy to have a chat and whip up a personalised partnership package to meet your company's needs. It’s never too late to make a name for yourself through a partnership with the largest and longest-running arts festival team in South Malaysia!  






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