August 14, 2018

JOHOR BAHRU: Comedian Joanne Kam, entertainer Sean Ghazi, the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and a host of other top local acts will lead the festivities for the 15th Johor Arts Festival (15JohorAF) this year.


Kam, who is known for her bold and outrageous material, will be performing a one woman comedy show as part of her latest La La Lian nationwide tour.




The show centres around her own personal journey and how she blossomed from a shy Ipoh girl to the curvaceous comedy queen she is today.


Ghazi, on the other hand, will croon and sway during with TARAKUCHA!, a unique jazz big-band with a vintage Malaysian twist.


Singing alongside velvety toned jazz singer Ida Mariana, the duo will transport you back to the golden jazz era with tunes by P.Ramlee, Sudirman and even Jimmy Boyle.




As for the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), they will be returning to Johor Bahru in full force to once again to be featured in the annual arts festival organised by the Johor Society for the Performing Arts (JSPA).


The program for this performance is quite a varied one, beginning with compositions by Mozart and ending with tunes from the Japanese anime classic, My Neighbour Totoro.




Festival director Suzie Yap said shining the spotlight on local acts was something that the festival had always done.

“We are proud of our local artists and we want to use this stage to show them off,” she said adding that while a large number of the performers were local, several foreign acts were also roped in to be part of the festival.


A standout international act would be Berlin-based vision string quartet, a group of vivacious, vivid and electrifying musicians who break barriers by fusing classical compositions with pop music.




Other than the mentioned acts, the 15JohorAF will also include performances by WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble, screenings of Yasmin Ahmad’s classic films and a special book launch called Yasmin, I Lup Chew, a photography exhibition by Zulkiflie Maarof from Sidekick Projext Enterprise, a special one-man theatre showcase from Singapore called Kulit On The Go, a unique Bharatanatyam performance by dance guru Ajith Baskar, and many more.


The 15JohorAF will take place from Sept 1 to Sept 23 at various locations in Johor Bahru. For full event details, visit JSPA’s website at or log on to their Facebook page.








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