10 Tips To Make Your Classical Music Festival Experience More Fun

July 23, 2017


Keep your sunscreens and sunglasses away, as all of our programmes are indoors and away from the scorching weather! Here's what to bring, what to avoid, and most importantly, advice to make your festival experience the finest and fuss-free.


1. Get your tickets online and skip the queue!
Nobody loves queuing! Secure your tickets online at home and have your tickets posted to you, hassle-free. If you prefer to pay in cash, you can drop by our office at 86, Jalan Wijaya, Taman Abad on weekdays from 11am - 7pm! And then all you need to do is just show up and let us do the rest.


2. Come early


It's true, the early bird really gets the worm. For free seating concerts like Sans Frontieres and Jazz-Up - Rhapsody in Blue, come as early as 30 minutes before the show and get to pick the best seats in the house! (Tip: Seats in the middle have the best audio *wink*)


3. Get RM8 off your ride with Uber


If you're the sort of person who always ends up finding a parking space after an hour of aimless driving around, this hack is for you! Thanks to our new friends at Uber, you can now get RM8 off your ride to-and-fro both our festival venues, using these Uber codes:


4. Bring a jacket or a scarf


Brrr... both venues might get a little chilly with the air-conditioning on full blast. So, keep warm by throwing on a jacket or a scarf and you don't need to sit on your hands! (Tip: Lend her your jacket, gentlemen! This little gesture always wins, trust us.)

5. Bring a powerbank


All those selfies and instagram stories will be eating out your battery, so make sure you bring a powerbank so that your phone will last you all night! You might just get to meet the performers after the show for some selfies!


6. Come with friends! 


The best experiences are ones that are shared. Bring your #festivalsquad and have the best weekend ever. You can also share your Uber ride home, just saying! If you don't have kaki to come with, don't fret! I personally think that spending some quality me-time at an international music festival is perfect. 


7. Listen to the Classical Music Festival Spotify Playlist


Prep yourself and binge-listen to the Spotify playlist to get a little taste of what the programme will bring. Once the orchestra hits the stage and plays the set in real time, it will blow your mind.



8. Dress nice 


Switch your shorts to slacks, your pair of slippers to some on-trend mules and you're good to go! Keeping the style factor hot, don't forget to also be comfortable in what you're wearing and let your confidence run the show.


9. Turn ON your recording devices 


With JB:IFC shows, there is no need to fret about recording and documenting your experiences on social media. As long as your flash isn't turned on, snap and record away! Just remember to hashtag #jbcmf2017 and tag us on social!


10. Keep an open mind and enjoy the show!


Between a good experience and a bad one - lies an open mind and heart. Take in every sound and sight whole-heartedly as a new experience, and leave with a brand-new perspective. 


The JB Classical Music Festival 2017 invites you on a journey to experience classical music that transcends generations, soundscapes and cultures. Happening from the 27-th to 29th July at Amari Johor Bahru and Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, the festival brings together 123 local and international musicians, ensembles and orchestras for a 3-day celebration of the finest music. For more info, check out jbifc.co/cmf for the full programme or Whatsapp 019-713 9900 for further enquiries.


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