The Ultimate Labour Day Weekend Itinerary in Johor Bahru | Things To Do, To Eat, To See

April 27, 2017


Don't deny it - we Malaysians have a special place in our hearts for public holidays falling on a Monday! With Labour Day strategically falling on a Monday this year, the long holiday awaits. As tempting as chillin' at home sounds, this weekend is THE weekend for you to have a fun roadtrip down to Johor Bahru with your mates! There is just so much going on over this weekend and there is something for everyone - the adventure seekers, the foodies, the party people and the cafe-hoppers. 


We've come up with a simple and easy-to-follow itinerary with our favourite spots and events you NEED to be at this weekend. We certainly didn't pack this itinerary with everything JB has to offer, but if you're on the lookout, we hope this helps!  

29th April 2017, Saturday 



Set that alarm and force yourself up, as you will thank yourself later. Remember, it's a long holiday for everybody else too. We recommend leaving KL by 8.00am and maybe, you might be able to dodge the traffic bullet and make a breakfast pitstop at Melaka / Seremban. 



Arrive in Johor Bahru, famished. First stop after a smooth-sailing journey (Thank goodness you left by 8am!), FOOD! The last thing you want to do is to think about where to eat. So here are 3 options:



Photo credits: 1. Kacang Pool Haji - 2. Restoran Sekee - 3. Ashoka Curry House - 



Tummy filled, now to check in to your hotel / hostel to cool off, take a breather and freshen up. 



Hide from the scorching sun and coastal humidity whilst doing some retail therapy in some of the busiest shopping malls in the city, JBCC and City Square. They are right next to each other! 



Put on that flowy salsa dress and head to the Iskandar Puteri Jazz Festival at Puteri Harbour for a evening of fun, dancing and jazz music, by the harbour.  


 Photo credit:



  1. Havana Social Club - "ay ay ay carimba!"

  2. Alonso Gonzalez - "move it to Columbian beats"

  3. Michael Pigneguy & The Awakenings feat. Evelyn Feroza - "need I say more?"



The night is still young! With one of the juiciest burgers in Puteri Harbour (and really good 80's music, which always seals the deal for me!), Magnum is where the after-party's at. 



Probably a good time to call it a night and recharge for the battle with the Viper Challenge tomorrow!

30th April 2017, Sunday  



Another early alarm clock day! Stretch, jump and breathe! Get down and dirty at the Viper Challenge @ Medini, through 15km and 18 mud-drenching obstacles. 


Photo credit:

Not registered for the challenge but wide awake? Head to Hiap Joo Bakery downtown and treat yourself to some oven-baked banana bread. One of the oldest and most authentic bakeries in town!



Killed by the Viper and in need of some recharging. Here are some hearty meals for your physical and emotional health (jk!):



Photo credit: 1. Flowers by the Window - 2.Kin Wah Kopitiam - 3. Gerai Pisang Goreng Mawar -



Wash up and take a looooooong nap. 



Wakey wakey sleepyheads! Head downtown for a nice evening stroll or an early dinner around the heritage streets of Jalan Dhoby, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee and Jalan Pahang and pop into these quirky shops:



Photo credit: 1. Bev C - 2. Calypso Vintage - 3. Evangelione's Handmade -



Wanna party with the Johor Bahru kool krowd? Head to the pre-launch party of Kronoz's first ever outlet in Johor Bahru at 7, Jalan Serampang, Sri Tebrau, featuring Kronoz's denim apparel, nitro-infused drinks by Vamos Coffee Roastery and of course, get ready to have a good time with UK electronic-funk band, PREP!




PREP performs! 


SONGS WE LOVE - We've come out with a post of some of the songs we love! Finally we get to experience the songs LIVE! It's gonna be lit.



Stay for the after-party with local DJs, spinning golden tracks from the 80s and dance the night away!



Not ready to call it a night yet? It's Labour Day tomorrow! It's okay to have a little more fun - 



Photo Credit: Midnight Night Stroll - 2. The royal crown - 3. Late-night nosh -


1st May 2017, Monday



A cheeky little lie-in on Labour Day is in order!



All packed up and ready to go? I know you don't want to go home but remember the lesson we learnt at the beginning of this itinerary? You're not the only one on holiday!


Get yourself a good breakfast / brunch to keep you energized for the long ride home and make sure to plan another trip back soon!




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