28 JULY 2017 (FRI)

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) in Interview

with Ryan Lewis, Malaysia National Consultant,

interviewed by Dr. Andrew Filmer
10.00am, Ballroom at Amari Johor Bahru, RM20


Trinity College London in Interview

with U-Jin Lim, Regional Academic Consultant,

interviewed by Dr. Andrew Filmer
11.00am, Ballroom at Amari Johor Bahru, RM20

In  a  two-part  session  on  music  education,  we  hear  from representatives  of  two  external examination  boards:  the Associated  Board  of  the  Royal Schools  of  Music,  and  Trinity College  London.  We  look  at  their  roles  in  Malaysia’s  music  community  beyond  providing certification, take a closer peek at why exams are the way they are, and converse about the future  of  music  making  for  Malaysia’s  young  people.  


With  two  sets  of  different  interview questions, Andrew Filmer speaks with U-Jin Lim and Ryan Lewis on topics ranging from the role of parents to the selection of examination pieces.

Violin/Viola Masterclasses

with Benjamin Fabre & Sayaka Ohira

5.00pm, Ideas Room at Amari Johor Bahru,

RM100 (participant), RM20 (observer)

4 chosen aspiring violinists (and 6 observers) would be able to have a chance to have a one-on-one Violin Masterclass with top-class musicians, Benjamin Fabre and Sayaka Ohira. Participants will be able to learn from the best and exchange views, techniques and advice to further advance their musical careers. This will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Piano Accompanist: Partner in Success or Failure

with Robin Lee (Piano) and Dylan Lee (Cello)
2.30pm, Ballroom at Amari Johor Bahru, RM20

The pianist. The unsung hero – or villain – behind almost every recital or music exam. Called the accompanist by many, this is a term that understates the very equal role that the piano plays – and today the proper term would be that of the collaborative pianist.


In sonatas, the piano often  has  both  melody  and  harmony,  weaving  in  and  out  of  an  also-misnamed “solo”instrument or voice. For adaptions of larger works like concertos, a good pianist can capture the  feel  of  an  orchestra  with  just  two  hands,  while  an  unfortunate  one  can  make  the experience  rather  awkward.  


What  are  the  special  skills  involved?  How  do  two  musicians collaborate?  Pianist  Robin  Lee  and  cellist  Dylan  Lee  explore this,  with  live  examples  of successful collaborations, as well as problems often encountered by those new to the magical art of chamber music.

Violin Anatomy 101: Understanding String Instruments from the Inside Out

by luthier, Tan Chin Seng
4.00pm, Ideas Room at Amari Johor Bahru, RM20

Plates, bouts, purfling,  bass bars – all of these and more form the complex language of the violin  maker,  in  creating  an  instrument  with  well  over  fifty  individual  parts.  And  yet  on  a fundamental level it’s simply the fine-tuned craft of shaping wood: depth, shape, density, all coming  together  to  bring  us  the  beautiful  tones  that  have  charmed  composers,  performers and audiences through the centuries.


The  craft  that  makes  the  art  is often hidden from  view, but  with this  session  we get a first-hand  look  at  how  a  stringed  instrument  comes  into  being,  being  transported  into  the workshop  of  Malaysian  violin  maker  Tan  Chin  Seng,  whose  instruments  are  now  in increasingly high demand.

29 JULY 2017 (SAT)

The Empire Strikes a Chord: The Music of Star Wars through the Lens of Classical Music

by Dr. Andrew Filmer
11.30am, Ballroom at Amari Johor Bahru, RM20

A  light  saber  appears.  A  planet  explodes.  Love  blossoms –  love  dies.  Heroes  and  villains clash in a galaxy far, far away. And behind all this is music: music that enhances what is, or music  that  foreshadows  what  is  to  be.  The  composer’s  craft  is  that  art  of  communication, whether it’s music that speaks to us directly, or music that affects us on some subconscious level.  


The  iconic  music  of Star Wars draws  on  music from  our own history –  and  musicologist  Dr Andrew Filmer takes us a journey through both sound and stars, exploring the why and how of the music of the Star Wars saga.

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